Brian Tyree Henry, LaKeith Stanfield, and Donald Glover in a promotional still for the program (left to right)

Success, as a general principle, is written into the bedrock of American ideals — the notion of what defines it, being irrefutably informed by our fidelity to consumerism. Subscribing to the “American Dream” as a form of social currency has been our unwavering source of patriotism in the modern age, and has shaped the way we view success. Popular culture perpetuates an image that is reinforced by late-capitalism: money and fame are among the highest forms of social currency. We inflate celebrities and the wealthy as larger than life figures, ostensibly attaining a “holier than thou” status as a result…

Orlando WIlkerson

Movie lover, marketer, and social media-er! I have a B.A in Communication Studies from Sacramento State University and I love analyzing culture!

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